Overture offers the Best High Definition TVs for the Best Value.

The Best in HDTV
Overture has the area’s best selection of HDTV’s. If you’re looking for a new HDTV, you owe it to yourself to visit one of our showrooms. Our TV selection includes many familiar names, from ones you may find at mass retailers to the best of the best that you can’t get at most stores. At Overture, we know how important proper video calibration is for picture quality,and we are experts at making even an ordinary TV look great. Whatever TV you’re looking for, you will find it displayed at its best, with a picture quality you wouldn’t believe. Visit us to experience a difference you will love.

Flat Screen TVs
Overture has the area’s largest and finest selection of flat-screen TVs. Our knowledgeable product specialists can help you choose either a flat-screen TV system with surround sound for the ultimate in home entertainment or stand-alone flat-screen TVs that are ideal for a kitchen, home office, bathroom, or exercise room.

Whether you have a flat-screen TV with surround sound or a stand-alone TV, Overture will make it easy for you with one easy-to-use remote control. This custom programmed remote will operate every function of your video system including home movies from a digital video recorder, DVD player, cable TV box, and other source equipment.

Overture can help you select the best flat-screen TV for any given area of your home.

1] Select the rooms and areas where you would like a TV with surround sound versus a stand-alone flat-screen TV. For example, living rooms, family rooms and recreation rooms are perfect for entertainment systems with surround- sound audio. You might choose a stand-alone flat-screen TV for the kitchen, bathroom, home office, or outdoor area.

2] Next, decide where in the room you would like the TV to be located – above the mantle, behind the bar, away from direct sunlight (see our section on motorized window treatments).The equipment for the flat-screen TV system can be located near the TV, hidden in a closet, behind a wooden panel system, or inside a cabinet.

3] Overture will advise you on the appropriate sizes for your TVs. The ideal size depends on the average viewing distance. Overture offers flat-screen TVs in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, from a 19” diagonal to over 100” diagonal.

4] For TV systems with surround sound, Overture’s expertise in audio is unmatched. Overture’s audio specialists will help you select the appropriate speakers, number of speakers and mounting systems.

Projection TVs & Screens
For the ultimate home entertainment experience, we recommend a projection TV with a screen 8 feet or larger. Overture has the area’s largest and finest selection of projection TVs and screens. Our award winning designers can help you choose a projector and screen that are ideal for your room size and budget.

If you have a trade-in, receive the best possible value for your trade-in towards the purchase of new equipment.