TV Concealing Systems


Make your TV disappear when it’s not in use.

There may be locations in your home where you would like to make your flat-screen TV disappear when it is not in use. Overture offers ways to hide those TVs with attractive and creative options. Here are just a few options to conceal your flat-screen TVs:

Ceiling motorized lift systems
Watch your TV literally drop down from a hidden panel in the ceiling. Ceiling systems are ideal for rooms that have an attic or crawl space above. The photos above illustrate a ceiling motorized lift system.

Furniture that hides the TV
There’s a beautiful hardwood bookcase against the wall in the family room, and there is no TV in sight. Push a button on a remote control, and, voila, the TV rises out of the furniture. Overture offers furniture with lift systems in a variety of quality hardwood styles and stains to match your décor.

Fine art that conceals the TV
On your wall hangs a museum-quality, fine art print in a designer frame. Turn on your television with the remote control, and a quiet motor lifts the print upward and rolls it out of sight. In its place, a flat-screen TV is unveiled, ready for watching. When you turn off the television, the print descends, and the TV disappears from sight. Hundreds of limited edition images are available, each signed and numbered by the original artist. Clients can also provide their own artwork or photography for custom concealing artwork.

If you have a trade-in, receive the best possible value for your trade-in towards the purchase of new equipment.