Multi-Room Music Systems

It’s hard to beat having the music of your
choice in any room of your home.
No one knows audio systems better than Overture. Overture is renowned for their expertise in helping their clients customize multi-room music systems for any and all rooms in the house as well as outdoor spaces. Overture’s multi-room music systems have a centralized control center and zones throughout the house for ease of choosing the areas to enjoy your music and entertain guests.To select a multi-room music system, Overture recommends the following:

1] First, choose the rooms and areas of your home, both inside and outside, where you would like to listen to music.

2] Next, choose the kind of speakers for each area. Overture will guide you in selecting the right speakers depending on the location and quality of music desired. Speakers may be flush mounted on the walls or ceilings. Outside speakers may be hidden inside planters or look like real rocks.

3] Choose the system that will manage the music throughout the house. Overture offers conventional single-zone systems and systems up to the number of desired rooms. Overture can also customize a multi-room system to your desires and specifications.

4] For those who use smart phones or tablets for their music collection, Overture can install an smart phones or tablet dock to allow music to be played from any of the speakers throughout the house.

5] You can manage your complete music collection with a media server from Overture. A media server can organize extensive music libraries with fast and easy access. Your entire collection is stored electronically.

If you have a trade-in, receive the best possible value for your trade-in towards the purchase of new equipment.