Home Theater


Overture is the Number-One Choice
for Exceptional Home Theater.

Overture is renowned for creating the finest home theater systems and theater experience.  What makes us different is our design expertise, unparalleled product selection, and passion for music and film.  An Overture home theater will quickly become the favorite room in your home – a special place to enjoy with your family and  friends.

Whether you would like to create a simple surround system in a family favorite room or create a dedicated home theater room, we will carefully design a system to fit your space and lifestyle. Some of our most exciting home theaters are, in fact, not dedicated home theaters at all.  We can turn a family room, living room, master bedroom, or outdoor space into a multi-function room with a flat screen TV or video projection system.

Every home theater we design is meant to provide you with a room with a relaxing and comfortable environment that you can enjoy with your family and friends.  And you can be assured that no matter what your budget, we’ll provide you with the very best in value.

Some of the distinguishing features of an Overture Home Theater include:

  • An Overture home theater can be designed around either a flat-screen TV or a screen with a home theater projection system. Overture specializes in creating a true “Digital Cinema” experience. Screen sizes from 8 ft to 40 ft wide are available.
  • Overture applies its extensive knowledge and experience in selecting all of the elements that go into creating a show-stopping home theater. Overture uses its design expertise to create a unique custom home theater that caters to homeowners’ style and taste.
  • George Lucas said, “Sound is 50% of the home theater experience.” Overture’s award-winning home theater sound systems are unsurpassed. From the softest whisper to the most riveting action scenes, our sound systems offer remarkable realism and excitement.
  • Overture can handle every detail, from home theater interiors and materials, to the lighting and theater seating, and, of course, the highest performance audio and video equipment.
  • You can organize and manage your movie and music collections electronically with an easy-to-use media server from Overture.
If you have a trade-in, receive the best possible value for your trade-in towards the purchase of new equipment.