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Are you interested in adding powerful solutions to make your home more enjoyable, easier to manage, comfortable and safe? Whether you’re building, renovating or just want to enhance your existing home, Overture has systems that can be personalized to fit your lifestyle.

The following questionnaire explores the possibilities of what we can do in your home. By looking through it,you can see what meets your needs and wants and determine what benefits will best fit your lifestyle.

Please check the boxes that most interest you and e-mail this form back to us or fax it to us at 302-478-5314.


Would you like to integrate a home theater into an existing room like a living room or master bedroom?:
Would like to make your flat-screen TV disappear when it is not in use? Overture offers ways to hide a TV with attractive and creative options:
What options would you like your dedicated Home Theater Room to have?:
If you’re movie buff with a large DVD collection,would you like to catalog that collection and have simultaneous access of your DVDs around your home from a central source?:

ENTERTAINMENT: Music around the House:

In which rooms would you like to have independent listening of music?:
Would you like access to your iPod's music from anywhere in the home, with the ability to change the song with a simple touch of a button?:
Would you like to know about what's currently playing,what song is next, view cover art – even select a favorite playlist – from any room in the home?:
Would you like to manage your complete music collection with a music server that can organize extensive music libraries with fast and easy access?:
Would you like to be able to enjoy new media formats like internet radio, Rhapsody and Pandora around the home?:


Would you like to listen to your favorite music outside?:
Would you like to watch your favorite TV programs, sports, and movies outside?:

A well-executed lighting design adds beauty,elegance,and energy efficiency to your home

Would you like to remove the 6 or 8 unsightly switches from your wall and replace them with a single elegant keypad that easily adjusts all the lights in the room?:
Would you like the ability to set custom lighting scenes and control them from anywhere in the house?:
In the evening,would you like to turn on all the lights in house that you normally use with a single button?:
When you go to bed,would you like to be able to press a single button to turn out all the lights and close the drapes in your home?:
Would you like to enhance the security of your home while you're away with programmable lighting that can mimic your daily routine of dimming and lowering the lights?:
Would you like your indoor and outdoor lights to automatically adjust to the degree of natural light?:
Would you like to turn on your house lights from your car when you approach the driveway?:
Would you like to have multiple zones of outdoor lights controlled from a single keypad?:
Would you like the ability to program your outdoor lights to turn on and off at different times of the day?:

COMFORT: Climate
Many larger homes have independent zones for heating and cooling. The issue is how to manage all the thermostats in your home.

Would you like to protect artwork,floors,furniture and rugs from fading?:
Would you like to save energy and lower your utility costs?:
Would you like an easy to use solution to privacy issues by having all your shades lower at the touch of a button?:

CONTROL NATURAL LIGHT: Motorized Window Treatments
Motorized window shading systems provided by Overture can solve light and privacy issues by monitoring sunlight and adjusting automatically throughout the day for U/V protection and thermal efficiency.

Would you like to protect artwork, floors, furniture and rugs from fading?:
Would you like to use window treatments to save energy and lower your utility costs?:

CONSERVATION: Pool/Spa/Irrigation:
In addition to conserving energy, our systems will help you monitor and therefore conserve water usage as well.

Would you like to be able to set your pool heater temperature remotely? You can be ready for a swim when you arrive home by turning on the heater to your pool beforehand.
Hot tubs consume massive amounts of energy. Would you like to be able to heat up as you leave the office so it's ready when you get home?:
Would you like to be able to easily and remotely set the irrigation times?:

SAFETY:  Security Cameras

Would you like the ability to monitor what is happening around your home, like watching your kids in the pool,from any TV or dedicated remote control?:
Would you like the ability to see your home's security cameras remotely (on your phone,from the office,etc.)?:
Would you like to record security camera video clips? This is perfect for seeing when FedEX came by, or when the landscapers arrived this morning.:
Would you like to be able to see who's at the front door from the comfort of your bedroom?:

CONTROL YOUR HOME: Home Automation

Would you like the ability to integrate your audio, video, security, climate control, lighting, motorized window treatments, you name it, into an intuitive and easy-to-use system?:
When you're away from home, would you like to be able to control the home environment via phone or Internet, including heating and air conditioning, lighting, security cameras, outdoor sprinklers, and more?:


Door chimes that can be heard around the house are a great convenience, especially in larger homes. Would having door chimes play through the speakers in every room appeal to you?:
What if you could pick up any phone and page the kids to come to the kitchen for dinner - or even announce a phone call?:

Always Alert:

A truly smart system is proactive and can alert you by text message or email when there are changes in the home environment. House too hot or too cold while on vacation? Water leak? Kids home from school? Security intrusion? Is alerting of interest to you?:


Would you like a wiring system that will allow you to easily add, change, replace, and connect your appliances and electronics without limitations now and in the future?:


Would you like a computer network set-up in your home?:

Some of the features of an Enterprise Class Computer Network are:

  • Substantial increase in reliability and range over a standard network.
  • Can set priority of traffic like high definition video streaming so there's no interference during downloading or viewing.
  • Multiple virtual local area network with separate networks for Audio/Video signals, private network, and guest network that gives guests access to the internet without access to other network information.
  • Substantially increased firewall protection.
Do you need an enterprise class computer network?
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